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competition rules

competitions are held by coty beauty a division of coty germany gmbh, rheinstr. 4e, 55116 mainz. competitions are open to adults and to individuals from the age of 14 with the agreement of a parent/guardian in accordance with the following conditions and legal information. employees of coty beauty a division of coty germany gmbh and their dependents may not take part. there is no charge for entry. in order to enter the competition, three questions on the subject of skincare must be answered correctly.


Requirement for truth and completeness
It is essential that any and all details provided by individuals entering this competition are true in every aspect. Otherwise that individual may be excluded. Only complete records will be included in the raffle. The only exception to this is voluntary information that is separately identified as such.


Registration and data storage
Registration is essential for entry in this raffle. However, there is no right to registration or entry in the raffle. Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH therefore reserves the right to check registrations and delete any that are deemed inappropriate.

Entry in the raffle is only possible on-line, and is not bound to a purchase.

Only one entry per person. Entry via a competition club or other commercial service provider will not be accepted.

By registering, the entrant accepts these conditions of entry, and authorises Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH to store the required information for the duration of the raffle. The entrant is free to revoke this agreement to storage at any time, and in doing so withdraw from the raffle.

In the event of infringement of these entry conditions, Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH reserves the right to exclude individuals from the raffle.

Individuals who utilise any forbidden tools or other forms of manipulation to gain an advantage will also be excluded. If appropriate, prizes may subsequently be revoked and withdrawn in cases where it is proven that this is correct. Multiple registrations are not permitted.

The item described as a prize in the raffle is not necessarily identical to the item that is actually won. They may be variations in the model, colour etc. Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH is free to choose and substitute another item of similar value of average type and quality.

The right to a prize is not transferrable.

No cash substitutes will be given for a prize or eventual substitute under any conditions.

Winners will be drawn and subsequently notified by mail and email.

Winners will allow their names and domiciles to be published.

If a winner should fail to contact the organiser of the raffle within three months of sending the winners' notification, or if it is not possible to trace a winner within three months, the right to the prize will become invalid.

Premature termination
Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH reserves the right to close or end the raffle at any time without prior notification and without reason. In particular, Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH will utilise this option in the event of it becoming impossible to guarantee that the raffle will be carried out correctly for technical (e.g. computer viruses, manipulation or faults in the hardware and/or software) or legal reasons. In the event of termination resulting from the behaviour of an entrant, Coty Beauty a Division of Coty Germany GmbH is entitled to demand compensation for damages from that individual.

Legal recourse
The judges' decision is final.